As an experienced arborist company with a breadth of knowledge in all local tree species, we can't stress enough how important it is to care for your tree. From the onset of spring through the end of fall, your trees have demands that must be fulfilled to help them stay healthy and withstand the harsh winter temperatures. Since trees are living organisms, they undergo various changes throughout the year, and their care requirements also evolve with the changing seasons.

Ready to dive into the world of tree care and let your knowledge blossom? Discover the secrets of our skilled arborist's expertise and unlock the beauty of your beloved trees. Join us for a leafy adventure that will enlighten you on how to keep your trees happy, healthy, and standing tall!

Blooming Brilliance: Mastering Tree Care in the Sunny Springtime

Spring is the season of resurgence and rejuvenation for all earthy greens, including trees. During this time, they leave dormancy and continue their growth cycle that was paused at the onset of winter. To give your tree a good chance of maximizing its growth potential, it's essential you give it the after-winter care it needs to start fresh without any hindrances.

If you're wondering where to start, here is a list of our top care tips to prepare your tree for the rainy, sunny spring season.

Tree Inspection

Hire a professional arborist to thoroughly inspect your trees to assess their overall health and identify any signs of damage or diseases that may have occurred during the winter months. During the assessment, they will also look for broken branches, pest infestations, or any other visible issues that may require attention.

Why should you hire a professional? They have a trained eye to isolate issues lurking beneath the surface. They also know how to handle them on the spot if necessary.

Pruning and Trimming

Spring is an ideal time for pruning and trimming because this is the time when trees enter their early growth phase. The purpose of this is to remove damaged or diseased branches, which in turn promotes healthy growth and improves the tree's overall structure.

Additionally, if you notice any unusually large branches sticking out or posing a threat to your home or nearby structures, trimming them will be recommended by a professional.

Annual Fertilization

Fertilizing gives your trees the necessary nutrients to support their growth and development during the active growing season. Unfortunately, this seasonal maintenance tip is often overlooked, resulting in withering and depleted-looking trees becoming the norm.

When you work with an arborist to oversee the fertilization process, they will likely apply a slow-release, balanced fertilizer formulated explicitly for trees to ensure they receive the proper nutrients in the right proportions throughout the season. Working with a professional is always best because they know which fertilizer will work best for your tree species.

Sizzling Summer Splendor: Tree Care in the Scorching Season of Summer

Summer tree care can be challenging for you and your trees because of the intense heat and all-too-common potential pest problems. Nonetheless, here are some essential tree care tips to consider during the summer months:

Regular Watering

This tip will vary depending on how much rain your region gets during summer. Suppose there is not much rain and the risk of drought increases. In this case, proper and regular watering will be crucial. We recommend watering your trees deep below the surface, providing sufficient moisture. To do this, you will water at the tree's base, typically across the entire root zone area, until 6 to 9 inches of surface soil is moist. Remember that you always want to avoid overhead watering, which can increase the risk of fungal diseases. Conversely, manual watering is discouraged if you have a rainy summer.

Pest Management

We recommend you hire a professional to occasionally monitor your trees for signs of pest infestations, such as holes, webs, or insect activity. You want to leave this skin-crawling task to the pros because they will implement appropriate pest management measures if they detect signs of pests securing shelter in your trees. Most eradication plans will include using tree-friendly treatments to control pests and prevent further damage to your trees.

Pruning and Trimming

Pruning and trimming are not a one-time deal. Many arborists will recommend the two care tasks be rinsed and repeated at least once during spring, summer, and fall. However, when it comes to summer care, we recommend only pruning the tree if you notice any dead or hazardous branches to prevent further damage. Trees are in their peak growth phase during summer, and pruning may cause stress. But, like all things, there is an exception to every rule.

Falling for Tree Care: Nurturing Nature's Trees in the Autumn Season

Fall tree care prepares them for the dormant period ahead. Proper maintenance can significantly impact their health and survival during the winter. Here are some of our key tips to focus on.

Leaf Management

As trees shed their leaves, removing fallen leaves from your lawn and around the base of your trees is important. Why? Because a thick layer of leaves can trap moisture, promote fungal diseases, and prevent tree roots from absorbing nutrients. So, consider raking or mulching the leaves to keep your trees healthy.

Pruning and Trimming

Fall is an ideal time for pruning, as trees enter a period of dormancy, shedding their leaves and preparing for the colder months ahead. Here's a little under-recognized fact: Pruning during fall helps trees conserve energy, promotes proper healing of wounds, and encourages robust growth come spring. So we encourage you to take advantage of this opportune season to ensure your trees will flourish and thrive in the coming seasons, making them healthy, vibrant, and ready for next year's growth cycle.


As beautiful as trees are, they require a lot of ongoing care—care that should only be left to a licensed professional. After reading our thought-inducing tips, we are confident you see the value in hiring an arborist to administer risky tree care tasks.

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