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The growth of some trees is such that their physical structure can no longer support their own weight. Arboraxepert saves trees with our technically advanced cabling and bracing systems that support individual limbs and branches to preserve the entire tree and minimize hazards to your property.

Reasons for Cabling and Bracing a Tree

  • Reduce the hazards that a damaged tree can pose to your property and occupants
  • Save an otherwise healthy tree that is structurally weak
  • Prolong the life of a damaged tree
  • Repair split or decayed limbs

Advanced Cabling and Bracing Methods

Arboraxepert applies dynamic, static or brace cabling depending on the precise condition of the trees on your property in Ottawa and surrounding area. The most typical support method includes the installation of threaded steel rod braces, or a flexible high strength cable to reduce stress damage caused by heavy foliage, ice, snow, or high winds.

Inspections and After-care Service

With annual inspections and our professionally installed support systems, your trees will flourish. Safe and effective, Arboraxepert cabling and bracing systems adjust to the natural growth of your trees and enable a longer life span.

Trust Our Certified Arborists with Your Tree Bracing

If you think your trees could benefit from a cabling or bracing system, then Arboraxepert is the name to remember. We’re a team of ISA-trained arborists with over 40 years of combined experience who know how to tend to your trees and give them the support they need. We follow all industry standards and always use the best tools for the job so that you can expect top-notch work from our company. If your trees can’t support their own weight anymore, turn to Arboraxepert to do everything possible to save them.

Take the Guesswork Out of Your Tree Cabling

Don’t worry if you aren’t sure what type of support your trees need—that’s what our experts are here for. It isn’t always immediately obvious whether a tree has a compromised structure, so we make sure to perform thorough assessments to identify any possible weak points. Our personalized and detailed approach ensures that you get the best tree bracing system for your property.

Safe Tree Cabling Services

Our company is committed to providing our clients with worry-free solutions for their tree care, and our cabling and bracing systems are no exception. We promise to treat your trees and the rest of your landscape with the utmost respect throughout the process, so you never have to worry about damage to your property or ineffective tree cabling when you trust us with the task.

Signs That Your Trees Need Extra Support

Don’t wait for harsh weather and strong winds to determine if your trees have weak structures. By being proactive about cable bracing trees that are at risk, you can avoid disasters and ensure that your trees continue to be permanent fixtures on your landscape.

Here are some of the signs that your trees might be hazardous:

  • Leaning or buckling in one direction
  • Cracks, seams, or other weak sections
  • Overextended limbs
  • Recent weather damage

The best way to ensure your tree is in good shape is to have one of our certified arborists take a look at it. Feel free to contact us anytime to ensure your trees are healthy and safe.

We Use the Best Tree Cables and Braces

Here at Arboraxepert, we aim to provide our clients with authoritative and reliable tree care. When you hire us to add extra support to your trees, we promise to use high-quality supplies from trusted sources. All our cabling and bracing systems are guaranteed to provide your trees with the support they need and hold fast against whatever comes their way.

Tree Cabling Experts with a History of Success

We’ve been providing professional tree cabling and bracing in the area since 2008, which means we have strong roots in our community. You don’t have to look far to find our satisfied clients who are still enjoying their trees today because of the work they’ve received from our company. Keep us in mind if you think your trees are at risk and discover what sets our services apart.

What to Expect From a Visit by Our Qualified Arborist

Tree evaluation services include:

  • Customized cabling and bracing design
  • Structural assessment of your tree
  • Pruning of the weakest branches
  • Removal of dead or dying limbs

Free Consultation From a Licensed Tree Expert in Ottawa and surrounding area

The licensed tree experts at Arboraxepert offer certified inspection and assessment services to identify and prevent potential hazards from trees. To inquire about a free consultation and to learn more about our complete line of tree care services in Ottawa and surrounding area, give us a call at (613) 424-7331.

Did you know that spring is the one of the best times to prune your tree? This gives the tree a full season to heal those cuts. Insects are still mostly dormant, bacteria and fungus as well. Regular tree maintenance is important in keeping your tree health and structurally sound. Call us for a free estimate today .