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Servicing the Greater Ottawa area including Ottawa, Kanata, Barrhaven, Nepean, Stittsville, Greely, Manotick, Kemptville, Russell, Embrun Gloucester and other areas in the Ottawa Valley.

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Tree Removal

Arboraxepert’s tree removal services provide a safe and effective way to get rid of any diseased, dead, damaged, or troublesome trees.

We put years of experience to good use on your behalf, safely removing trees of all types and sizes. Our team is equipped with the latest machinery and can make quick work of individual tree removals. We’re also the experts you need to facilitate your stump removal once the tree has been cut down.

When you find yourself in a situation where a tree on your property needs to be disposed of, consult with licensed local tree experts. Call us at (613) 424-7331 to learn more about what we can do to help you protect your property from liability and save you time and money.

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Arboraxepert Arborist Services
Arboraxepert Arborist Services
Arboraxepert Arborist Services

Signs You Need Tree Removal Service

While trees are an essential part of our ecosystem and provide numerous benefits, they can become problematic in certain circumstances.

Below, we’ve listed a few signs to look out for that may indicate your tree needs removal:

  • The tree has been severely damaged in a storm, compromising its stability.
  • The tree has become diseased, is beginning to die, or has died.
  • The tree is interfering with or causing damage to your home, garage, or other nearby buildings.
  • The tree is preventing you from completing necessary repairs to your home or yard.
  • The tree is hindering your renovation, construction, or development project.
  • The tree is growing in an unsuitable location, like near a road, next to power lines, or beside a property line.

If you notice any of the above symptoms, enlist our tree removal service for safe, speedy solutions that align with your budget.

Knowledgeable Tree Assessments

Determining if a tree needs to be removed can be a challenging decision to make. That's why we offer professional tree removal services that begin with a thorough assessment of the situation.

Our certified arborists will evaluate the tree's location, health, and structure to identify the probability of it failing. Then, we’ll assign a risk rating based on the tree's chances of falling. During our evaluation, we’ll consider the potential targets that may be hit should the tree fall. This comprehensive evaluation ensures that we make an informed decision regarding the removal of the tree.

When tree removal is necessary, you can trust our team to use specialized machinery and high-caliber training to do the job effectively.

Tree Cabling and Bracing

We believe that tree removal is the last resort for a dying or damaged tree. That’s why we provide an alternative to tree removal in tree cabling and bracing.

Here, we support structurally weak or damaged limbs using various bracing techniques for the purpose of preventing large branch failure. We employ tried and tested troubleshooting skills in the cabling and bracing approach so the tree may be preserved.

Our tree cabling and services may be the ticket to your tree’s longevity—consult with us to determine if your failing tree can be salvaged.

Arboraxepert Is Your Answer to a Safe Tree Removal Company

Arboraxepert understands that when a tree outgrows its location or becomes damaged in a storm, removing it may become necessary. Our team of arborists is highly skilled and experienced in removing trees in tight residential areas or in spaces with limited access. We take pride in solving complex problems and won’t rest until we’ve developed a safe and effective removal strategy.

You can rely on our expertise to complete our work with utmost safety, regardless of the location of the tree. After our visit, we’ll provide a thorough cleanup to leave your yard and gardens as beautiful as before.

Reach out to us at (613) 424-7331 to hire our competent crew.

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