Emergency Tree Removal in Ottawa

If a tree has fallen, or there’s large debris left from a recent storm, get in touch with us. Let the experts at Arboraxepert take care of your emergency tree removal needs with speed and efficiency. We’ll make sure you’re not in any danger, no matter the situation.

Our experienced professionals have trained for many years to provide seamless service, and they adhere to safe practices every step of the way. Our seasoned tree care team is available on-call 24 hours a day to respond to your emergency requests.

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Arboraxepert's Wide-Ranging Tree Removal Services

Residential and commercial property owners come to us for tree removal services for a wide variety of reasons. We're fast-acting, we're dependable, and we're transparent on all cost-related matters. We don't like to keep clients waiting, and we offer transparency at every turn-but these aren't the only reasons people contact us. We're the tree removal professionals who address issues of all varieties, ensuring you never have to look elsewhere for tree services.

Our tree removal technicians have the expertise and equipment to respond quickly to emergency situations of all varieties and safely remove hazardous trees, minimizing the potential for further damage or injury. Be sure to contact us when you're faced with any of the following issues:

Storm-Damaged Trees

Severe weather events such as hurricanes, thunderstorms, or heavy snowfall can cause trees to become unstable or fall. These fallen or damaged trees can block roadways, damage structures, or create dangerous situations that require immediate attention.

Disease or Infestation in Trees

Trees affected by diseases like Dutch elm disease, oak wilt, or infestations of insects like emerald ash borers can become weakened and pose a risk of falling. Prevent the spread of the disease or insect infestation by contacting our tree company.

Structural Instability

Trees can develop structural issues over time, making them prone to falling or dropping large branches. This can be due to factors such as decay, root damage, or poor pruning practices. If a tree is at risk of collapsing, especially near buildings or high-traffic areas, we're the ones to call.

Root Damage

Damage to a tree's root system can compromise its stability. This can occur due to construction activities, excavation, or soil compaction. If a tree's roots are severely damaged, we may need to remove the tree and underground root network to prevent it from toppling.

Trees Obstructing Utilities

Trees growing near utility lines can pose a significant risk. A tree interfering with power, phone, or cable lines can disrupt essential services and create a fire hazard. We're here to eliminate any hazards of this kind from your property.

Tree-Vehicle Collisions

When a vehicle collides with a tree, it can cause significant damage to both the tree and the vehicle. To clear the roadway, ensure safety, and prevent further damage, our emergency tree removal services are just a phone call away.

Immediate Tree Safety Concerns

Trees that lean precariously or have damaged branches hanging over public spaces, homes, or other structures can create an immediate safety hazard. In such situations, the tree may need to be removed without delay.

Falling Limbs

Dead or weak tree limbs can pose a hazard as they have the potential to break and fall at any time. Emergency removal may be necessary to prevent injury or property damage.

It's Safety First at Our Tree Company

Safety is our top priority during tree removal operations. Our crew takes precautions to safeguard your property and the surrounding trees. We use advanced rigging and lowering techniques to ensure branches and logs are removed without causing additional damage. These precision methods not only reduce the risk of accidents but also help preserve the health of surrounding vegetation.

Here's an overview of the techniques we employ:

Dynamic Rigging for Tree Removal

This technique involves the strategic use of ropes, pulleys, and friction devices to control the descent of branches or logs. By adjusting tension and angles, our skilled arborists can guide the falling debris precisely, minimizing the chance of it striking other trees, structures, or the ground with excessive force.

Cabling and Bracing Services

When a tree exhibits structural weaknesses or has the potential to split, we utilize cabling and bracing systems. Steel cables and braces are strategically installed within the canopy to provide additional support and stability. This prevents hazardous limbs from breaking off and causing damage, extending the life of the tree.

Directional Felling Techniques

For larger trees that need to be removed in sections, our team employs directional felling techniques. By making strategic cuts and using wedges and guiding ropes, we ensure each segment falls precisely where intended, reducing the risk of collateral damage and injury.

Winches and Hydraulic Tools

In cases where tree removal is particularly challenging, such as in confined spaces or with heavily leaning trees, we utilize winches and hydraulic tools. These powerful devices allow us to exert precise control over the tree's descent and minimize any impact on the surroundings.

Arborists: Tree Removal and Tree Care

We might excel at removing trees from landscapes, but that isn't our only objective. We want to preserve the health and integrity of your property--and the surrounding trees-however we can. Even during emergency tree removal situations, we adhere to a holistic approach that focuses on minimizing impact and preserving the environment.

When you contact us for emergency tree removal, our expert arborists begin by conducting a thorough assessment of the situation. We carefully evaluate the tree's condition and determine if removal is indeed necessary. Our goal is to save the tree whenever possible, prioritizing its health and longevity.

Pruning and Trimming

If a tree is salvageable, we prefer pruning or trimming over complete removal. This approach allows us to remove only the damaged or hazardous parts, retaining the majority of the tree's structure. Pruning also promotes healthy growth and minimizes the risk of disease spread.

Preservation of Surrounding Vegetation

We understand your property's overall landscape includes more than just the tree in question. We take care to preserve the health of other trees, shrubs, and plants on your property. Our team works diligently to avoid any unnecessary damage to your existing vegetation.

Sustainable Disposal of Tree Limbs and More

Once the tree is safely removed, we take an environmentally responsible approach to disposal. We recycle and repurpose wood whenever possible, reducing waste and its environmental impact.

Post-Removal Care

After the tree is removed, we provide guidance on replanting or maintenance to help you restore the beauty and balance of your landscape. Our experts can recommend suitable tree species and offer tips for long-term care.

Arboraxepert’s Full-Service Tree Removal Company

There’s nothing worse than unexpected outdoor problems on your property. The good news is we have you covered with a wide range of emergency tree care services, such as:

  • Stump removal
  • Debris clearing
  • Emergency trimming
  • Uprooting
  • Temporary shelter
  • Storm damage cleanup
  • And more

Tree Removal Service Assessments

Not all emergencies pose immediate threats to you and your environment. Whether there’s an urgent issue or something is worrying you, we’re here to help.

Anytime you need tree care services within a short time frame, you can count on us. Our on-site assessment is a quick and straightforward way to figure out whether there’s reason to worry. We provide a detailed report of our findings, and we’ll let you know the best course of action.

Whether you need to remove a fallen tree or you’re afraid a tree might fall, our arborists have you covered with quick and efficient tree removal services .

Local 24-Hour Tree Removal

Taking down a tree can be a complicated task. When strong storm winds cause damage to your trees, we can come to their rescue, no matter the hour.

When tree limbs get damaged, or plants get uprooted, call the arborists at Arboraxepert for emergency tree removal. Our team shows up immediately, ready to remove any potential hazards so that your property remains safe.

What’s more, we attempt to minimize any damage caused by this occurrence and make sure we salvage all that we can. This way, any new trees you plant can have a healthy home in which to grow.

Safe and Speedy Tree Removal

When we arrive on the scene, we make sure to check for potential hazards before moving forward. If the fallen or damaged tree is blocking the entry to your home, or if any electrical wiring is in the way, we clear all obstacles to ensure your safety.

If your area is prone to storm damage, we can take measures to minimize any future risks associated with falling trees. We make sure to do all we can to prevent safety hazards, strengthening and protecting your greenery where it’s possible.

Call Us for Emergency Tree Removal Services in Ottawa

When you need emergency intervention after a storm, call our arborists for all your urgent tree removal needs. We provide reliable 24-hour emergency services with speedy response times and turnarounds.

Contact us now at (613) 424-7331 to speak with our tree removal specialists.