Like any feature of your home, the trees and plants on your property contribute directly to its value. Healthy, well-pruned trees enhance your property's natural beauty and health, while diseased, overgrown plant life can leave the wrong impression.

The key to improving your property’s curb appeal is keeping your yard healthy and beautiful, and that’s where arborists come in.

Keeping your property lush and visually appealing isn’t easy for non-professionals. While your property has its own challenges and needs when it comes to your trees and plant life, working with a certified arborist can make property management easy and stress-free.

Arboraxepert’s team of experts is here to help you understand the upsides of working with a professional arborist and know when to reach out to a service.

From keeping your property healthy to making it safer for you and your family, we’ll explain why you should hire an arborist. We’ll also highlight a few essential qualities you should look for when hiring an arborist and what you should expect from them.

Read on to learn when and why you should hire a professional arborist!

Arborists Keep Your Property Healthy and Thriving

As tree and plant experts, arborists possess specialized knowledge that’s valuable for maintaining the health and safety of your property. From pruning to maintenance to health inspections, professional arborists typically offer comprehensive services to keep you safe and ensure your property’s plant life is in peak condition.

Arborists have the skills and resources to identify and remove diseased trees before they negatively impact the rest of your property. As skilled, professionally trained technicians, arborists will conduct thorough assessments and provide you with information to help make an informed decision about the future of your yard.

A professional arborist will benefit you by identifying problem areas, flagging potential threats to your property’s health, and developing reliable solutions.

Arborists Beautify Your Yard and Landscape

When properly kept and maintained, trees are exceptionally beautiful and add depth and vitality to your home. That’s why working with a tree expert will only help to beautify your yard and landscaping.

If you’re looking to emphasize the natural beauty of your property or have big, old trees you want to highlight in your yard, working with an arborist can be a massive help. Not only will a tree company help you identify potential issues, but they can create a plan for care and maintenance to help your property’s flora flourish.

With expertise in areas such as tree planting, pruning, maintenance, and removal, arborists can help you create a sustainable landscape design that will last for years.

Arborists Help Increase the Value of Your Home

Despite common misconceptions, arborists aren’t just qualified tree removal specialists—they’re tree doctors or surgeons as well as lumberjacks who can help you increase your property value.

Lush properties and mature lots can increase the market value of your home and are often must-haves on home buyers’ wish lists. When you schedule a consultation or property assessment with an arborist, you can learn more about your home’s natural assets and discover ways to enhance the growing conditions and health of trees and other plants.

While hiring an arborist may seem like an unnecessary luxury, many homeowners find the cost of a tree specialist is more than covered by the increase in their safety, enjoyment, and property value.

Arborists Prioritize Your Safety

While having large trees on your property can make for a stunning view, it can pose potential problems.

For instance, trees close to your house can pose fall risks in the event of storms or high winds. Certain trees may be home to pests and increase the number of insects or animals on your property. Diseased trees can negatively impact other plants and soil, damaging growing conditions and harming your property’s health.

When you work with a certified arborist, you won’t have to worry about the risk posed by trees. One of the core responsibilities of professional arborists is ensuring the health and safety of trees, the property they’re on, and the well-being of their larger ecosystem.

When you partner with a professional, they can assess the threat posed to your property by trees and make suggestions for optimizing your yard. Entrusting the trees on your property to an arborist can put your mind at ease and ensure you, your property, and your family remain safe.

What to Look for in an Arborist

As important as it is to know when to call an arborist, it’s equally important to be able to choose a professional service suited to your needs. Hiring a certified arborist with the right experience and expertise to manage your property is the first step to keeping your home safe and optimizing its beauty and value.

We recommend working with local arborists that meet the following criteria:

  • Experience: Select an arborist or tree service that advertises their previous work on their website. You can check online for reviews and even request testimonials from their previous clients to give you peace of mind. Experienced arborists should possess the expertise to comprehensively manage your property’s needs.
  • Certification: It’s absolutely crucial to verify that you’re working with a professionally certified and insured arborist. Most companies will list their professional certification on their website, but it’s important to double-check before hiring.
  • Quality of service: While the quality of an arborist’s work is a top priority, the same goes for their customer service. Do you feel like you’re being listened to? Are your needs being met? Make sure you do your due diligence before and determine if their customer service will meet your expectations.

Looking to Connect with Your Local Arborist?

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